Capturing Busker Fest

Toronto’s Busker Fest is the largest of its kind for busker performances in North America since 2000.   This wonderful event is held annually in support of epilepsy.   This year I had the privilege of being part of the festival’s photographer team working with other amazing photographers and talents in capturing the event.

It was a long 8-hour day for two days in a row for me, walking in the streets of downtown Toronto, capturing different performances, including circus, magic shows, acrobats, and live music.  And I enjoyed every single minute of it.  Seeing the joy and smile on people’s faces, capturing the energy and performance, and allowing me to tell the story of Busker Fest from my perspective was the best part.  It is such a blessing for me where I got to give back to the community by being part of this event.

If you haven’t been to Toronto’s Busker Fest, I hope I have already changed your mind with my story and images.  🙂

2015-busker_fest_street_8-28_029a 2015-busker_fest_street_8-29_102 2015-busker_fest_street_8-28_009 2015-busker_fest_street_8-28_027a2015-busker_fest_street_8-29_0652015-busker_fest_street_8-28-0552015-busker_fest_fire_show_018a   2015-busker_fest_street_8-29_113 2015-busker_fest_street_8-29_114

Capturing Busker Fest

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